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Dear Friends:

We are trying to assist a Polish citizen find out more
about his late father whom he never knew, a man
surnamed ZORBAS. The rumors are that his father was a
Greek Jew who fled to Poland for political reasons in
the late 1940s. We are trying to determine if he was,
in fact, Jewish. Where was he from? Who was his

We are aware of a place in Crete called Zorbas, but it
is the surname that interests us.

If anyone on this list:

1) is familiar with this surname; or
2) can direct us to a Greek Jewry specialist or
institution; or
3) knows of good sources of information about the
Greek Communist Party in the 1940s [we're serious!],

Please let us know privately.

Many thanks and best wishes in the coming year 5763!


Yale J. Reisner & Anna Przybyszewska-Drozd
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project
at the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, Warsaw

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