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Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

To find out the dates the Utria or any other shipped arrived you
need to get a copy of the Morton Allen Passenger Directory.

Hope this helps.
Diane Jacobs
New York

I have had success in using Stephen Morse's wonderful site to get

information >from the Ellis Island database, but I still cannot find the
person I am hunting and I feel he will be an important key in getting
information on my family because he was the first of the siblings to join
his uncle. I do not know the town he travelled >from although the
naturalization papers say Vilkomir, because I am fairly sure these were
not city people. Also the ship listed, Etruria >from Hamburg also appears
inaccurate. I do not know if it is the ship name or the port, and
definitely the date is not accurate.

To make it worse, our family name
is Cohen which I am sure is not original but what it was is unknown. I
know this person was young, I found him in the 1905 census living with
his uncle in Glens Falls, NY. Is there a way I can see manifests for
1904,1905 to check on passenger destinations. Surely this Glens Falls
uncle will be listed there, as he is for family tht arrived two years

ANY suggestion is welcome. How to find the dates the Etruria sailed and
from where; how to get destination names/addresses >from the manifests.
Also, this person's name was Eleazer, a name that rarely is shown on the
Ellis Island lists. Was there another name that was commonly used in its
place? Here this person became Sam Ellis. I have also looked up
Sam,.Smuel, Simon, etc, without success.

Thanks for any ideas.

Marcia Cohan Silberfarb
researching COHEN,KAPLAN,BERNSTEIN in Glens Falls, NY and VILKOMIR,

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