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Barbara L. Kornblau

After much research and help >from JewishGen sources, I met a distant
relative (same name, nearby town in Poland) who survived the holocaust as a
child in hiding in France. His parents were on the list of Jews deported
from France.
Something he never got over was that no one came for him after the war. He
remembered that before the war his father wrote letters to a relative in
Brooklyn but he didn't know the name of that relative. I told him I would
help him try to locate this relative or his descendants.

Yesterday I found the Aufbau database on JewishGen and lo and behold there
is an advertisement >from the American Committee of OSE listing a Daniel
Kornblau, age 30 of Brooklyn, NY searching for Maurice and Adolphe Kornblau.
Unfortunately, the children were still in France and the ad was in a German
newspaper. Daniel never found the boys and they grew up in an orphanage in

On the net I discovered that the American Committee of the OSE (World Union
for Preserving the Health of Jews) has its archives housed in the NY Public
Library's Inventory of the Emergency Committee In Aid of Displaced Foreign
Scholars Records, 1933-1945, Box 146.

Has anyone used these archives for this committee? Might the archives
contain a form that Maurice's cousin filled out to request the search for
the boys? If this archives has the information, I might find Maurice's
relatives after 57 years. Any help is much appreciated. Time is running out
for Maurice. Thanks in advance.

Barbara L. Kornblau
Maurice's father was born in Czarna, Poland near Lancut and Rzeszow and his
name was Chaskel Kornblau

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