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Hello Everybody:

I’m looking for information concerning Mordecai SMULYANOVICH (SMULYAN)
and his siblings. He apparently came to the United States in the 1880s
from Latvia. He was married to a woman named Katie. They had at least
two sons: Herschel and Abraham. Abraham was married to Ida Kaseff. I
am especially interested in Mordecai’s male siblings and their male
offspring because I have reason to believe that one of them married my
grandmother’s paternal aunt. My grandmother was Jeanette SACHS
(1890-1973). She and her sister, Anna, arrived in NY separately between
1909 and 1913 and stayed with an uncle whose surname was SMULYAN at 33
Union in Manhattan. I hope that, if I can identify the SMULYANS at this
address, I can trace back to Jeanette’s family in Latvia. I have been
unable to find any information about Grandma Jenny before 1913 because
she came to America with false documents. She apparently belonged to a
Zionist cell in Riga; and when her boyfriend was arrested, she fled with
a deceased friend’s papers. She never told us much about her past
because she always had a phobia about being deported.
If anyone can help me with information about Mordecai SMULYANOVICH and
his siblings, I certainly would appreciate it.

Ed Fabisak
Originally >from San Diego
Now living in Recife, Brazil

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