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So many of you have written wonderful suggestions for tracking down this
"mystery uncle." Please accept my thanks for giving the time and care to
help me out.

I want to fill you in with the status:

I do indeed have his naturalization papers, the Declaration of Intention
and the Petition, etc. It is >from these that I have obtained the
obviously inaccurate information and it appears that just about
everything there is inaccurate except for place of birth. Even year of
birth disagrees with his gravestone. My research hows that there was no
Etruria ship at Ellis Island on the date he provides and also it appears
that Etruria sailed >from Liverpool and not Hamburg as the papers state.
His gravestone shows his name as Eliezer. One of his brothers arrived
the following year, 1906, and his Naturalization papers state he sailed
from Liverpool to Phila on the Caroliene so perhaps I will have more luck
tracking him. I have the papers for the entire family, except for the
only female sibling. But I have the manifest for the mother and 5 of the
7 siblings. They listed their surname as Cohn but I do feel that a
relative already here told them to travel under that name. I am hoping
that the two siblings who arrived earlier came under their original name.

Several people suggested that an Eliezer could have traveled under a
nickname; however, another sibling had the name of Leib. Perhaps the
following list will give you a flavor of the way their names were given
and changed: Chone Feivel (named for his grandmother,Anna Fanny), Israel
became Isadore; Ruben became Raymond; Donne became Evelyn; Leib became
Louis. The current "mystery man" Eliezer became Sam Ellis (and a nephew
named for him is Elliott, so the name Eliezer was meaningful to the
family In fact he is believed to have been Anna Fanny's husband).The
brother who went to Philly was called Carl in English. The
naturalization papers for Sam Ellis and for Carl state those as their

The mother of this brood arrived a widow and >from gravestones of her sons
I see her husband's name was Abba Yitchak, but she was listed in
directories for Glens Falls as Esther Cohen, widow of Morris. Is the
name Morris is any way related to the name Abba Yitchak?

On second thought, even the place of birth is not accurate. The family
probably did come >from the area of Vilkomir as they list on their papers;
however these were very poor people, the father worked on the Baron's
land when he did work and they were probably not >from a city. In fact I
was told the name of the shtetl was Prude or Pude or Bootie or Broody but
I have not identified the shtetl either.

*But* I am not giving up!
again, suggestions are so very welcome.

Marcia Cohan Silberfarb
researching COHEN,KAPLAN, BERNSTEIN >from Vilkomir, Lithuania and Glens
Falls, NY

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