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This is a research story. Since people have been discussing Kishinev, I
thought it was time to share a story that happened in the last few
weeks...a success.

I have been researching my mother's part of my family for three years.
My grandmother, >from Poland, was relatively easier because of all the
work on the Jewish Records Indexing >from Poland. In addition, I knew my
grandmother and lived with her...she moved in with my immediate family
when I was young. Knew all her siblings well.

Her husband, my mother's father was harder. He died when my mother was
five. I got stories about Kishinev and their fleeing Romania soon after
I started the research. I tried relatives, National Archives and doing
surname index searches at Family History Center. Confusing. His
parents had changed their last name >from Herschenhorn to Oren when they
applied for citizenship. I found many Herschenhorns on index search,
but couldn't pin down any direct relatives (my grandfather, his brother
or his parents) in the indexes.

When the Ellis Island database opened up, I excitedly started searching
again. Wonderfully found many Herschenhorns and now know where they all
settled. But still couldn't find my grandfather and his immediate
family. Gave up.

Two weeks ago, in preperation for going out east to meet some of the
Herschenhorns, I thought, "maybe they came here with the family they had
lived with in Kishinev". If I found them, perhaps I would find my
grandfather's family on the same ship.

Bingo. But what I found surprised me. My grandfather's parents were
*not* there. *But*, my grandfather's mother's sister, one of the people
they had lived with, was. And, the two boys, my grandfather and his
brother, came in with her. It looked superficially like they were
listed as her two sons. Apparently, >from information on the passenger
list which showed who they were coming to meet in the U.S., my
grandfather's parents had come first. The boys and their mother's
sister came later. Whoopee!

That's it!

Lilli Sprintz

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