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Book Review in the Rav-SIG Online Journal...
"Meorei Galicia: Encyclopedia Lekhakhmei Galicia" (Encyclopedia of Galician
Sages), Jerusalem, Israel, 1978-1997
Author: Rabbi Meir Wunder
Reviewed by: Chaim Freedman

This five-volume work is one of the most extensive and reliable sources of
rabbinical genealogy written in the twentieth century. The geographic area
covered in "Meorei Galicia" is today divided between southern Poland and
western Ukraine.

As Freedman writes:

"The spiritual shepherds of Galicia were not systematically recorded in the
annals of Jewish history...Therefore there arose the need to fill the void
by creating a tool which would be a guide and point of reference for all
those who enquire about Galician rabbis and their familial relationships. It
was not with a light heart that Rabbi Wunder took upon himself the awesome
task of immortalizing Galician rabbinic scholarship."

The article provides a detailed description of the contents of this work and
contains a sample of the type of information that may found: a translation
of part of the AUERBACH family's entries. For those unfamiliar with the
terminology and abbreviations used in these translations, links to Rav-SIG's
Glossary and Famous Rabbis pages are provided at the end of the article.

Many thanks to Chaim Freedman, once again, for his valuable contributions to
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This article also appears in the Summer 2002 issue of "The Galitzianer,"
journal of Gesher Galicia. For further information, see

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