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<< It was my understanding that the modern hebrew script is based on the
same characters used in the written yiddish language which would be the same
in either Poland or Germany. The characters are of course the Hebrew
alphabet used in the written yiddish language. I would certainly be
interested in finding out more about the origins of the script and if there
are regional variations. >>

==Printed fonts and engraved faces ten to remain unchanged for long periods
of time, not so cursive faces which are simplifications to speed writing.
Every person'r cursive is individual--and probably changes with the time of
day and the digestive procees. Jewish Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Judaica
each discuss some 30 differing cursive faces/families.

"Standard" modern Israeli cursive is based, of course, on recent Hebrew
cursive faces. (that Hebrew letters were used for writing German, Yiddish,
Ladino, Italian and Greek made them no less Hebrewand that these letter were
occasionally used for writing Yiddish is irrelevant).

Standard modern Israeli cursive (i.e. that which is taught in schools and
featured in type and computer fonts), is derived >from Ashkenazi *Hebrew*
cursives of the Hebrew alphabet as used at a certain time in a certain
place--apparently Germany at the end of the 19th century according to the
cited encyclopedias. Since offset printing was already well-developed at
that period, I assume that in sample books for children, formal cursive
styles in Eastern Europe differed very little if any >from the German style.

However, it would be interesting to know which was the specific model for
today's standard Israeli cursive. Anyone know?

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