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Tracy LeSage <tlesage@...>

Hello List,
A few days ago, after a co-worker asked me to help him, I posted the
message below to several lists that I belong to. It was suggested that I
subscribe and post the message here. My co-workers father-in-law was one
of the American GI's who liberated the camp. Any assistance in this
matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Tracy LeSage

I am sending this to several lists. A co-worker has an item that
his father-in-law brought home after World War II. They have a lot of
questions about this disk. The ultimate goal is to return this disk to
the family if possible (or if wanted). To start with I think we need to
find out just what the disk is. If any one is interested in seeing an
image please contact me off the list at and I will
email the image to you.
Thank you for any assistance,
Tracy LeSage

According to my co-worker
The disc was found in 1945 outside of an oven that contained one body.

The camp was Buchenwald in Germany. The disc is about 4 1/2" in diameter.
It is brown hard plastic with a round disc of aluminum screwed to it.

The name inscribed is Alexander Horrath. The number 10663 is also stamped
above the name. There are several other series of numbers but they do not
have any obvious meaning.

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