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Fritz Neubauer

Lili wrote:

I just (after 60 years) found out my father died in Dachau but
worked in Riederloh. Can anyone enlighten me as to what and
where Riederloh was and anything else available on this camp.
I never heard of it before. Appreciate your help.
My comment:

Dear Lili,

a search in provided the information that today "Riederloh"
is part of the German town Germaringen (zip code D-87656). The
location and a map is available through the address. This site also
provides a history of the whole place, although, as usual, there does
not seem a history between 1933 and 1949. In 1949 Riederloh was
resettled by Sudenten-Germans evicted >from Czechoslovakia.

Germaringen Ortsteil Riederloh*

Karte von Riederloh.

But even before the place seems to have been hardly settled, just a
few farmers. One possibility could be that your father was at some
time working as forced laborer at one of the farms there, unless there
is a record of an Aussenlager of Dachau somewhere that is totally ignored
in the official history,

Possibly the Dachau museum staff could help you to clear up this
information. They also provide copies of the official record to next
of kin. Their email address is

I hope that helps.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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