JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Question re Passenger Lists #general

Peter Zavon <PZavon@...>

Are the passenger lists in the National Archives the same as the
manifests at Ellis Island? In other words, if I have passenger
manifests that show date of arrival as well as city of origin,
are the passenger lists at the National Archives going to show
me anything new?
Yes, they are the same. If you have the actual image of the manifest
from the Ellis Island Database you have an image of what the National
Archives has on microfilm. (If all you have is the text list form
the Database, you do not necessarily have all the data that was on
the manifest, and you may have something that is incorrect because
the volunteer who extracted the data got something wrong.)

What you might gain >from the National Archives is a larger image, or
some other image variation that might make something that is obscure
on one easier to read in the other.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY 14526

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