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Elise Friedman <elise@...>

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Diane Jacobs wrote:

They are one and the same. Theonly advantage to looking them
up at NARA or the NYPL where I do my research is that you can
get the Detained Passenger Manifests at the end of each ship's
pages which you cannot get online on the EIDB. Your family
member could be lsited there and then you may get another
family member or different address to whom they were going.

Every little bit helps.
Diane Jacobs

Are the passenger lists in the National Archives the same as the
manifests at Ellis Island? In other words, if I have passenger
manifests that show date of arrival as well as city of origin,
are the passenger lists at the National Archives going to show
me anything new?
Actually, you can indeed get the Detained Passengers and Special
Inquiry lists on the EIDB. You just have to keep clicking next (or
previous if the film was put online in reverse order, which many were)
while viewing the manifest image to find the end of the manifest.
Every single frame of the manifest microfilms were put on the EIDB...
even the several completely blank frames at the beginning and end of
the films! Clicking the next and previous links is comparable to
scrolling through the microfilm on a reader at NARA.. just a little

Also, you can easily find out if your family member was detained or
held for special inquiry before spending time searching for those
lists. On the person's manifest page, an X to the left of their name
means they were detained. An S.I. means they were held for special

See the EIDB FAQ at
for more helpful information about the Ellis Island Database.

Karen - make sure you are looking at the image of the actual manifest,
rather than the EIDB's text version that only has 4 or so columns of
info. If you are looking at the text manifest, look above it and
you'll see a button that says View Original Manifest.. click that and
you'll then be shown an image of the manifest page that you would find
on the microfilms at NARA. Note that some manifests extend two pages
(depends on the year..more information was included in later years),
so you'll have to click next or previous to get to the second page, if
your manifest has one.

Hope this helps!

Elise Friedman
Columbia, Maryland

EISNER, TAUB, SASS (Myszkowice/Tarnopol or Lemberg, Ukraine);
MILLER [or variants], TAUB (Dobromil/Byblo);
CHERNOCK/CHERNIACK (Russia/Poland); CHESIN (Mstislavl, Mogilev, Belarus);
FRIEDMAN/LEWIS [originally KIMYATEK or similar] (Katowice?, Poland)

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