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Alexander Sharon

"Marilyn Feingold" wrote

I know my grandmother's nephew Sasha Otelen at one time was a
professor and head of the faculty at this institution. Does
anyone know about this school or know how I can track Sasha's
family >from there? Thanks for your suggestions.
Marilyn Feingold Atlanta Georgia
Kharkov Medical Institute is actually a Medical School (or Medical

It used to be common in Russia (and in the other ex Eastern Block
countries modelled on the Soviet institutions) to have universities
dedicated to certain selected professions or a discplines. Thus
medical, economical, technical (Polytechnics), agricultural, arts
and other learning institutions are separted >from the local

It appears that thing have changed nowadays, since visiting Kharkiv
(city's modern Ukrainian name) University English language website,
you would locate a medical school amongst the departments

It is known as: School of Fundamental Medicine and it hax six
departments. You should probably address medical school dean with
you question at:

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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