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I have just come across an interesting collection of two film reels of
hand-written cards identifying German Jews who received university degrees
(RG 14.073M). Why these cards were prepared, and who prepared them, is
unclear, though they ended up in the Nazi Reichsippenamt, which apparently
held them through about 1935.

The time framework of the cards runs >from the late 19th century through
the 1930s. It is clear that the collection is far >from complete.

For example, my grandfather has a card but my father does not. There is
a third reel of film listing companies (presumably owned by Jews) in various
European countries, but providing no information more than name of company.

The information on each card varies >from simply a name and the nature of the
degree received, to place of birth and occasionally even parentage. I will
mail some samples to Leo Baeck in the hope that it would be sufficiently
interested to obtain copies of the first two reels.

Peter Lande, Washington, D.C.

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