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Deborah <dmannala@...>

Just another thought I would like to add >from my own experience. I travel
extensively for work, and do not check my JewishGen mail while on the road.

My last trip was 13 days. When I came home, there were over 300 messages to
be read. I scan the subject lines as best I can, but honestly, sometimes I
just have to delete the whole lot and start fresh.

Please do not be so quick to think that you are being ignored. Keep a copy
of your message and try to resend it a couple weeks, days, months or
whatever later.

We all "try and try again" while making use of other reasearch methods- it
only stands to reason we should be as patient with each other.

Happy New Year- may it be peaceful for us all.

Deborah Mann
Chicago, IL

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