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Howard Zakai


I received many helpful responses >from you guys advising me to use to help look for my long lost cousin Martin Abrams, who
moved to California >from NY in 1940 at age 5 with his parents Alex and
Anna. Many thanks you guys!

I have located someone who has a matching name and birthyear who lives,
according to, in San Diego, CA 92130.

I have attempted to cross-reference this with the white pages and reverse
searches. At the same phone number - which has been disconnected! - I have
found M. Abrams and Jacqueline Abrams at 3 different locales, each with
their own zip code (no addresses given):
-San Diego
-Solana Beach
-Del Mar

Any thoughts about this peculiarity? 3 different locales with the same
telephone number?? Am I out of hope with the telephone number
disconnected?? Is my last option to now fish through phone directories
from 1955 and up??
By the way, despite the reemblance and much to my disappointment, MSNBC
anchor Dan Abrams is not the son of my Martin Abrams, but of reknown New
York constitutional lawyer Floyd Abrams. Floyd wrote me personally!

Hope everyone had an easy fast.
L'Shana Tova.

Howie Zakai
Staten Island, NY

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