JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Yokohama Maru Arrival Manifest at Seattle, WA, 1916 #general


I've had no luck in obtaining the ship's manifest for the Yokahama Maru
which sailed >from Yokahama, Japan and arrived in the port of Seattle,
Washington on January 23, 1916. My father, Nathan BLAHER, travelled across
Siberia with 3 or 4 other teenagers >from Perm, Russia. I have located one
of the other young men, Larry CHASKIN, whose daughter in Pennsylvania has
no clues on their trip or where their family resided. A second young man,
Israel RUTMAN, spent his lifetime in Chicago as a choirmaster. He never
married and retired to Miami, FL. He died in 1974 with his only only
relatives being a nephew & niece living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I do not
know their name so I can't contact them or their offspring. I need the
manifest to try and get the name(s) of the other teenagers. Any

Morris Blaher
Apopka, FL

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