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Dear Genners;
I would like to research a witness to my grandparents wedding. The
wedding of Rae SHAPIRO and Benjamin KRIEDBERG took place in 1935, Bronx,
NY, USA and the witness' name is Bob COHEN. All I know about Bob COHEN is
that he is somehow a cousin to the groom (my grandfather). Family members
I have asked cannot provide me with any more information, nobody knows who
he is.

The groom's parents were Berlina LIEBERMAN and Louis KREIDBERG. The groom
was one of 4 children, all very close in age so Bob could not be the child
of a sibling.Berlina had 3 siblings, George LIEBERMAN, Harry LIEBERMAN,
and Sophia LIEBERMAN. Sophia married Sigmund SILVERMAN and had 3
children; Harry, Blanche and Harriet, so Bob COHEN does not fit with what
I know of the LIEBERMAN family. Berlina's parents were Betty SCHECHTER and

I believe that Bob Cohen fits into the KRIEDBERG line somehow. Louis
KREIDBERG's parents were Jacob Issac KRAIDBERG and Gitel EHRLICH. I do not
know anything else about them. I have not yet been able to find them on
passenger lists, or on the Census.

SO the big question is how do I go about trying to find information on a
Bob COHEN in the Bronx, circa 1935 and before without knowing his parents
names or anything else about him. There are a vast number of Bob Cohens
in the Bronx and Manhattan and without some unique detail this seems like
it is beyond searching for a needle in a haystack. Any Ideas???? By the
way I am in Raleigh, North Carolina (600 miles south NY) so going to NY to
research is not feasible. Thanks in advance.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC
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