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"Robert Holton" <> wrote in message
I wrote yesterday complaining that I couldn't find the ADAMINSKY family
of Leeds in the 1901 census. This morning in a last desperate 'throw' I
just typed in grandpa's (Anglicised) first name (Percy), his gender and
putative age give or take 5 years and his location (Leeds). No surname.
And searched. And up came Percy PADIMINSKY of Leeds, tailor journeyman. A
quick search for Leah and Mena *PADIMINSKY* confirmed that these were
indeed my ADAMINSKY grandparents and my eldest aunt.


Shirley Holton
London UK
That really is impressive - maybe I should have another try for my

I know she had a baby here in August 1901 - surely she didn't travel from
Roumania pregnant ?

Yes, I know, she probably did !

Lauren Strauss-Jones

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