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Piotr Kaczmarzyk <piotr@...>

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Caryl Simon-Katler wrote:

I'm wondering about the Akt numbers on the JRI-Poland records. Is
there any connection between the number of the Akt and the dates of the
records included in it? For example, I found two listings for some
possible family members, both in Akt 27. One record is 1862, which is
plausible, but the other is 1882, which is not. The 1862 date, however,
would fit nicely. Is it likely that Akt 27 would contain entries >from a
twenty-year time period? Or is it more likely that the 1882 is a
mistranscription? Any thoughts would be welcome.
I talked to AGAD last week about ordering some documents - they told me
that 'signature' ('sygnatura') is a volume number and 'akt' is document
number inside a specific volume. So there can be a connection between
signature number and date, but not between akt numbers >from different
signatures and date.



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