Seeking family of Mendel ARENDAR - Hamburg resident from Brody, Poland #germany

Joyce Eastman

I am seeking information on the family of Mendel ARENDAR and Max HELFER in
connection with my HELFER research. It appears that Max HELFER was a
half-brother to Mendel ARENDAR, but only the name of Mendel ARENDAR's mother
(Chaya ARENDAR) is known at this time. All were born in Brody, Poland (now
in the Ukraine), as was my paternal grandmother, Sime Bruche HELFER. Max
HELFER was married to Rosina. A page of testimony for Max HELFER was left
by Len Hardy Adams (nee ARENDAR) who is now deceased, which states that he
is a cousin.

Max HELFER and his wife Rosina ran a Jewish orphanage in Hamburg, Germany
where his son Benno HELFER and his wife Hilde also worked. A page of
testimony was left by Ruth Norden >from Israel at Yad Vashem in 1999, who
states that she is a relative. I would like to contact her if anyone can
provide me with her contact information. It should also be noted that
Mendel ARENDAR and his wife, Anna WALLACH were also living in Hamburg,
Germany. However, all families originated in Poland.

Please respond privately if you have any pertinent information regarding
these families.

Joyce Eastman, Orange City, Florida wildwoman@...

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