German Jewish Community Records [from USHMM going to GerSIG website] #germany


A few years ago the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum filmed pre-war
and immediate post-war Jewish community records at a number of German
cities. I am gradually preparing finding aids for each of them and the
finding aids will be available in GerSig's archives. The first two of
these, Mannheim and W├╝rttemburg (Stuttgart), have been sent to GerSig and
should be available [on the GerSIG website] shortly. [When they are posted
at our website the posting will be announced here].

Summaries of these finding aids will also be posted shortly. I hope that
this will encourage readers to make financial contributions to JewishGen.

Each collection contains large numbers of name lists, which are identified
but usually have not been digitized.

I would welcome members' offers to digitize individual lists
of personal interest for inclusion in JewishGen's archives.

Where this is not possible, I am prepared to search the
individual records in response to reasonable requests for individual names,
but, please, nothing like all persons named Levi in Southern Germany.

Peter Lande, Washington, D.C.

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