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Zalman <zalman@...>

It looks to me that when they were adopted, they didn't remember the last
name, but knew the name of the place, Plunge, and that's how they were given
the name.
Is it possible that they were born in Plunge, and were brought to US as
babies ?
I think it is the most probable explanation.

Zalman Lazkovich

Brend Nuite wrote:
I am trying to help my daughter learn about her grandfather and his
heritage, but have only the information below:

Joseph Cashmere PLUNGY, born March 1919.
His biological parents were >from Lithuania
Had a sister, but I am not aware of other siblings.
He and sister were adopted and raised in Philadelphia, PA.
I do not know if PLUNGY is adopted or birth name.
I believe his sister continued to live in or near Philadelphia as an
He married Elaine TOCE of East Hartford, CT.
Served in U.S. Army during WWII.

If anyone has any information or recommendations on how I should proceed,
I'd be very grateful for the help.

Brenda Nuite
Menasha, Wisconsin

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