French origins of CAHEN surname? #germany

Ben Forman <ben.forman@...>

Hi Genners
In my research into my CAHEN fmaily who lived in the Lechenich / Bruhl / Koeln
region through the early 1700s-early 1900s I have come across circumstantial
evidence that they may have come to the region >from Alsace in the ealry
1600s, this is mainly >from the oral testimony of a distant family member
who lived in Lechenich before WW2 which was recorded in Klaus Schulte's
book on the Jews of NRW >from the 1700s and has been propagated in
subsequent historical publications.

In recent correspondence with a researcher/historian of the region he
suggested that the Alsace origin story might be nothing more than a
"bubbameiser" after all how could a family oraly remember it's origins
of 300 years previous. However I recently found a Facebook group called
"My last name is Cahen" and nearly all the people who have written on
the "wall" of that group say that their origin is in France with 2
originating >from Alsace.

Personally I see no eason why the story of my CAHEN origins shouldn't be
true, but my question is basically, is Cahen specifically a French/Francophone
(or even Judeo-Alsatian) rendering of COHEN or is CAHEN a common spelling
across many different geographic locations. ? Thanks!

Ben Forman, Manchester UK

searching: BENSON: Courland; SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen; CAHN/WOLF: Koeln;
FURMAN: Kaluszyn; GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk; ERNSTEIN/WEINER: Ylakai,
STILLMAN: Pilica/Czestechowa; Zeyder/Seider: Kursan, Lithuania

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