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Alexander Sharon

Harriet Drucker Goldstein wrote:

In checking copies of family birth, marriage and death records, I have
across "Krukienice" as the place of these events. Much of the family came
from Mostiska and perhaps Przemysl so I believe Krukienice must have been
the same vicinity in Galicia. Would appreciate any info anyone might

Harriet Drucker Goldstein
New York
Krukienice (also known as Krukenich, Krukienice, Krukenytsya, Krukenitse,
Krukenitsa, Krukenishche, Krukenichi) are known today as Krukenitsa,

Town is located just south of Mostiska at 4941/2310 on the road # P131 and
is adjacent to town Pnikut.
You may pinpoint the location by using JewishGen ShtetlSeeker.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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