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Nina's mmgggm was the sister of my mpgggm. Now that I gave Nina a photo of
my ancestor she commented that the two sisters looked exactly alike. The
sisters both took the same English first name on immigration (Anna), and
Nina has my mother's eyes. Of course, Nina had more twins to add to my
Yanovsky tree, including her grandmother, who had a twin brother.

For those of you that enjoyed my Michel stories, Nina's family had an
especial interest in Michel also, because Nina's Great Uncle Leizer had gone
to live with Michel when Michel was still in Russia in order to avoid
conscription. Nina's grandmother, Chana, followed Leizer to Michel, and as
Nina was relating the story, I finished her sentence: 'because she was close
to him because they were twins'. Chana and Leizer were the only two children
that didn't come with Nina's family to NY, though eventually, Chana did
follow them.

Nina had cool things to show me, such as a huge bag of money >from Lithuania,
some of the bills 100 years old. The money was printed in the languages of
all the countries that had ocuppied Lithuania: German, Russian, Polish,
Lithuanian. She also had a Challoh cover that had been a standard gift to
contributors to the Diskin Orphanage in Palestine, that one of the siblings
of Nechama, sent her >from Palestine. The Challoh cover is a dull turqoise
color, printed with pictures of places of interest in the Old City of
Jerusalem.Nina also had her grandmother's homework >from when she was
studying up for American citizenship. These contained sentences like: Who
runs the government of America? The people. Who makes the laws? Two houses.

To be continued...

Varda Epstein

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