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This question is a real longshot, but I need help with figuring out number
codes on a Hamburg Staatsarchive film, birth records (Jewish Gemeinde) from
1810-1860's. . it was on LDS film 1335030. There seems to be an index at
the end of the film with names of the birth children, with a number code,
from 0 to 150's range. The index is arranged by date of birth, and
alphabetical order. However, there appears to be no correlation with say,
for example, a named birth in 1828, #137,with any page numbers, or registry
numbers on the film. There are some code numbers repeated, so it doesn't
appear that they are unique numbers to one person. (But the ones repeated
are for different years, families). I got a translation of one of the
births and the witness appeared to be >from Switzerland. . which is entirely
possible but makes me wonder if the film or a portion of it is mislabled.

Or, would these codes represent #'s assigned by the archive to each
register and therefore could be used to request records???

Additionally, half of the dates in the index don't appear in the film at
all, even though there is an index, I'm assuming there must be another
section(item?) of film somewhere to match it? I was told that additional
items under one film should be on the same film.

Has anyone had any experience with these archive records and/or this film
to give an idea what these codes mean?? Or who I can contact in LDS with
questions about these films, if anyone??

Thanks for any leads for information. . .
Pam Gosling in California, USA

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