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Malcolm Cartier (#71409)

Where are 19th century 'Krisllar' in Russia & 'Strovitsa' in

Both my two grandfathers' British naturalization papers record migration
from apparently geographically non-existent towns, I would like to
determine what the correct names are and where are they today. Help and
some guess work has produced possibilities, but nothing has been
established. I am looking for:-

'Krisllar' 19C Russia – Millman Family, I think he only spoke Yiddish not
Russian and >from memory Vilna Gubernia was mentioned, a close association
could be adjacent Kraslava/Kreslavka in Vitebsk Gubernia, Latvia or
Krasilovka, Ukraine.

'Strovitsa' 19C Austria-Hungary – Cardash Family (possibly from
Chardash/Kardash/Kardos) I thought could be Ostroweic, Poland but not in
19C Austria-Hungary, some family feel we should look around Lvov/Lemberg so
perhaps 90km NE is Shchurovichi/ Sterwitz/Stervitz/Shtruvits, Ukraine. The
name Cardash is Hungarian so could it be in the Czech Republic, Ostrava or
just south Ostravice (pronounced 'Otravits').

Any help or direction in sorting out what is probably a misspelled phonetic
transliteration of the half-swallowed Yiddish unintelligible to English
ears would be greatly appreciated.

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