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Hello Genners!

I recently discovered that an ancestor was given a land grant by the
Tsar for his service. I would like to recover more information about
this. My family occupied the land until (probably) the 1880s, when they
lost everything. Can anyone tell me the best source to search (online
would be great) records of the Tsar's army or land grants?

Many thanks!

Karen Jo Rippens (ne Rubin)

Handler/Gendler and Fogel, >from Lukov (Matsova, Matsiev, Maczv, Matzew,
Maciew) Gub. Wolin/Volhynia Ukraine,
to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, USA
Chankis, >from Bulbul to Matsiev, etc.
Zerobnick/Rubin, >from Ostrow-Lubelski to New York, Ogden, Utah, USA
Muit/Mudd, >from Ostrow Lubelski to New York, Ogden, Utah, USA

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