JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: EIDB Missing Manifests-a reminder #general

Joe Newman <jdaanew@...>

Missing manifests is still available. The interface is simple.
Gary Mokotoff noted this in the Avotaynu email newsletter 'Nu? What's
Go to
and click "Ellis Island Genealogy".
Missing manifests is at the bottom of the search page.

Joe Newman
Fayetteville, Arkansas
NEWMAN,NEUMANN(Hodasz,Kolcse,Debrecen Hungary; NYC)
PAVEL(Hodasz,Opaly,Vaja Hungary; NYC)
ROTH,FISCHER,FREIDMAN(Ragaly,Jakfalva,SzinPetri Hungary; NYC)
CHASEN,CHASIN,GOTBAUM(Ekaterinaslov/Dneprpetrovsk,Berdichev Ukraine; NYC)

I am told that it's possible to view missing manifests. Now that Steve
Morse's site is down, can someone advise me how to do that? Thanks so

Marilyn Feingold, Atlanta, Georgia

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