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I'm still searching for my Uncle Morris LIEBERMAN, born in 1891 in
Swislowitz, Russia, and who came to the states between 1911 and 1917. He
came after my Uncle Max in 1911 and he served in WWI. The only info I have
about Uncle Morris is he was >from Swislowitz, Russia (Uncle Max spelled it
Zvistrich), which is now Swisloch in Belarus. He made his way to the states
through Japan. I assume that he landed in Seattle, WA. My info is so poor it
would be besheret if anyone can help me. I'm looking for the lists for
immigrant ships >from Japan to U.S. and am posting this message with the hope
someone can direct me on how to find this information. I have no idea how
many ships came >from Japan with Russian passengers during those years, but
it must have been many.

I know Uncle Morris lived in New York - first in Brooklyn and then in
Manhattan. In searching NARA in NY, I found a list of 4 Morris LIEBERMANs in
NY showing a Declaration of Intent, but I can't order each one. Is there
anyone who could look up this information at NARA in NY?

My grandparents were Shimshon and Alte Neome Ain LIEBERMAN.

Uncle Morris kept the surname LIEBERMAN, while his brothers, my Dad, Sam
(Samuel Isaiah) and Uncle Max changed theirs to LEAF.

Please reply privately.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Rachelle Leaf Berliner
Savannah, GA or

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