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Anne Lapedus <angi@...>

Incorrect information on Tombstones. Family giving information of the
deceased often get it wrong. For years, I was confused when I found a
BREST Grave in Johannesburg, S.Africa and it said *Cohain* on the stone. I
know that none of the BRESTS are Cohainim and this threw a spanner in the
works for my research. for 5 years I was puzzled and after much research I
managed to find the wife and I called her, and she told me that she didn't
know for sure if he was a was not a Cohain!!. She gave me the name of the
Shul where they got married and I called the Shul who confirmed that he was
certainly not a Cohain but a Yisroel, which is what our family are. So it
really does depend on who gave in the information but one would think a wife
would know if her husband was or was not a Cohain!

Holland. Are there any genners out there who live in Holland. If so,
please could you contact me privately on

Anne Lapedus Brest
Sandton South Africa
Researching LAPEDUS (Vieksniai, Lithuania), KAHN (Vieksniai, Lithuania)
KARLIN (Zagera, Lithuania) MARCUS (Ackmene, Lithuania) KLAPMAN (Ackmene,
Lithuania) , ORKIN, (Zagera, Lithuania) ORKIN Yaneshik (Yoniskis)
Lithuania, MIRRELSON (Kurland, Latvia) SHILLMAN (Kreutzburg, Latvia) BREST
(Bauska, Latvia), NOVGOROD (Yaneshik, Alte Zagera, Lithuania) CHEIN,

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