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Mark Jacobson

Hello. Thanks to everyone for all the recent assistance. I
have the birth record >from AGAD records of my grandmother's
uncle, Samuel JACOBI, born in Stratyn, Galicia, registered in
Rohatyn. I am able to decipher all the columns pertaining to
his parents (father Majer JAKOBI, mother Ruchel ROTHLEIN)
and he is listed as "rsekomo slubne" (presumed legitimate).
All I cannot figure out is the last notes column - It appears
to be signed by Majer as "M Jacobi" and I assume a witness
signed as Aron Juda Meller. The notes appear to be related to
Majer and Ruchel's marriage, but I can't figure out exactly
what it's telling me. Please take a look, and thanks for the

Please respond privately. Thanks again!

DOGULOV - Belaya Tserkov/Kiev Ukraine; COHEN/KANA/KAHAN -
Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine; JACOBSON - Polotsk, Belarus;
COBLENTZ - Polotsk, Belarus; KAMERMAN - Drohobycz, Galicia;
KOPPEL - Stebnik/Drohobycz, Galicia; JACOBI - Stratyn/Rohatyn,
Galicia; ROTHLEIN - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia; TUCHFELD -
Brzozow/Stryj/Lvov, Galicia

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