JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seeking lookup and callup in Tel Aviv #general

Steven Garber <shgarber@...>

Dear friends,
I just learned of a relative >from another relative who met him, once,
thirty years ago. She also met his parents in Israel. Well, I have his
and his wife's name and partial address. I'd especially like to pass on a
message to him and get his email address (as well as phone no. and zip
Please reply privately to me. Thanks!

Steve Garber, of Denver
GARBER (Staryy Chartoriysk, Ukraine)
BAR (Kolki, Ukraine (near Lutsk)). GLASER (Vashkovtsy, Ukraine)
LIFSCHES/LIFSCHITZ (Vashkovtsy, Ukraine; Israel)
ZLOCZOWER (Vizhnitsa, Vashkovtsy, Milie, Ispas, Czarnohuzy, Chernovtsy
(all formerly in North Bukovina), Ukraine; Israel, elsewhere).
CHERGER (Staryy Chartoriysk/Lutsk area, Ukraine)

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