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Hi All,
I have been trying to find my father-in-law, and his family's arrival in
the U.S,I have searched and searched the Ellis Island and other sites, with
every variation on spelling I could think of, and still come up empty. Does
anyone have a source for Russians or anyone coming to the U.S.? I would be
most appreciative for any help.
Samuel (or Sam) SIEGEL (or perhaps SEGALOVITCH)
Born in Minsk, I think Uzda, Russia, about 1893.
Emigrated to the U.S. in about 1913 or 1914, at about age 20.
He was ordained as a Rabbi (or Reverend) in Russia.
His father's name was Shimon or Simon.

Wife Doris, nee Magilenski, and daughter Bess emigrated about 8 years
later, 1921 or 1922.
Doris was born in Uzda, also in 1893.
Bess (Bashe Miriam) was born in Russia in 1913.

Samuel's father, shimon Siegel was born about 1848, and was a Rabbi. He
may have arrived in 1921 or earlier.

I have been told that Samuel returned to Russia with his brother,
Schleime, to bring over their sister, Florence. so there should be 2
entries to the U.S. for Samuel. I have also been told that, with Florence,
they landed in N.Y. at the former site of Castle Garden.

It has been quite frustrating trying to find these elusive relatives,
and I would be thrilled and thankful for any help.
Marilyn S. in Fl.

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