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Hello All;
In researching my LIEBERMAN and SILVERMAN families, I have
found variations on the Ellis Island database that may be of
interest to others researching these names. I have found that
my LIEBERMAN's >from Romania originally spelled the surname as
LIBERMAN. When searching the Ellis Island Database, I have
found that searching on LIEBERMAN, LIBERMAN and LILBERMAN is
useful. My SILVERMAN family's name started as ZILBERMAN in
Romania and then changed to SILBERMAN and later on SILVERMAN.
I have found that searching on all of these names as well as
the LILBERMAN surname produces good results. The people who
entered the data into the Ellis Island Database had a hard
time telling the uppercase letter "L" >from an uppercase letter
"S". I am not trying to be critical, it can be very difficult,
there are a lot of instances where the 2 letter look similar.

If you want to see a good example go to
and lookup the name Berlina LIEBERMAN, >from Galatz Romania in
1901. Go to the original manifest. You will see how these letters
can be misread. Berlina traveled with her married sister Sophia
SILBERMAN, and Sophia's son Henrich SILBERMAN. They are all on
the same page, one right after the other. To find Heinrich you
would have to search on the surname LILBERMAN.

I hope that this helps those searching these surnames.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC
CHILLER/CHILLAR >from Lomza Gubernia, Poland.
CYBULA/CYBULKA (all variations), Ostrow Maz.,Siedlce,& Zambrow Poland.
KRIEDBERG (all variations) >from Russia to US.
LIEBERMAN or LIBERMAN, Austria and Romania to US.

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