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The father of my G/father was called Jacob RESTATCHER.
One of his children my G/father was called Haim - Moshe /
Michel born and lived in Bessarabya. He was born in 1870
in 1905 (or sooner) arrived to Egypt and died there in Dec.
1940. Jacob had family named ROISTACHER who arrived to
Israel >from Russia before 1970. Boris and his wife Haya
with children lived in Petach-Tikva (Israel). Boris was
the son of Leibel. Boris left after Haya deceased and
join his daughter family in Canada. Then unfortunately
our connection stopped.

As I can recall Leible might be a brother to Jacob. As
the problems in Europe, families were spread and each one
arrived to another "corner of the world" changing their
name in order to adapt.

I know that there are many variations of the name such as
RESTUCHER and so on And some families in the USA and Canada.
Will be very happy to find member of the "Boris family" and
if it ring a bell to someone In concern please reply privately
to my E-Mail:

Bat - Yam Israel

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