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Claire Petersky <cpetersky@...>

"Deborah Dworski" <> wrote
I have received an e-mail message >from a cousin in Argentina.
I'm hoping some kind JewishGenner will be able to translate
the message (2 paragraphs) >from Spanish to English. If you are
willing to help, just let me know and I will forward the e-mail
to you. Please respond privately.
If you are only looking to get a broad understanding of the content of the
letter, there are many on-line machine translation services. I use and to
translate e-mail I get >from a Russian correspondent. You just have to
realize that these are not perfect. When we finally met face-to-face, I
asked him why he exclaimed "Pancake!" all the time in his letters. Of
course, he really isn't saying "Pancake", but some other interjection that
gets machine translated into that. He laughed a long time when I showed him.

Warm Regards,

Claire Petersky (

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