JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen SS5 vs. NumIndent #general


Replying to David Simon Bendory's query of November 7, 2002, re: above
subject, please note: your questions will be answered if you go to
JewishGen Infofiles as follows:

The more expensive request to Social Security Administration will get
you a photocopy of the SS-5 application as originally filled out by the
person who is now deceased. If completed, it will show the name of
his/her parents, including the mother's maiden name, and possibly the
employer and business address at the time of the application.

The less expensive Numident is strictly an abstract, basically what you
get when you access the SSDI records at any of the search sites on
the 'Net. Personally, I prefer to receive the photocopy of the original,
which is more detailed and in the person's handwriting. Let me warn you,
though, that the applicant may "fudge" on some details (VBG)! I've
sometimes been surprised and amused by some relatives' fanciful statements
fifty years ago, when they and I know better. Which goes to show that we
cannot implicitly believe even original documents....


Henriette Moed Roth
Los Angeles, California

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