JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Complete Impasse, Isser ZAZDRA Suchlowola #general

Bonnie and David Altman <altman@...>

Dear Genners,
I have reached a complete impasse regarding my Great great grandfather,
Rav Isser ZAZDRA HaCohen of Suchowola. He studied at the Slobodka
Yeshiva, and later worked as a leather merchant. If you have any
information on businesses and commerce in Suchowola and the general
Bialystock area please contact me.

We were also unable to verify the Yeshiva in Knyszyn run by Shalom
COHEN, brother in law to my great grandfather, Shmuel MIKOCHINSKY
HaCohen. Please, if you have any new information on Knyszyn or the
family of Rav Hanoch Velvel MIKOCHINSKY, please contact me.

Bonnie Altman

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