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Below is a brief description of my great-great-grandfather that a great-aunt
wrote some time ago. Needless to say, as little as it is and as exaggerated
as it might be, it's still tantalizing. I've checked on-line databases,
tried alternative spellings and requested a search with an individual in
Poland, all dead ends. This is the only information we have. Can anyone
suggest how we might find out more?

"I Remember - the lifetime of words about his family. He talked about life
in Narewa, about Bialystok and the Bialystok Yeshiva; he talked about
Liverpool and about the early years in America. But most of all, he talked
about his beloved grandfather.

"The Grandfather

"He was Reb Dovvid Meyer KISHITZKY [I've a picture of his brother with the
name spelled KISICKY]- Rabbi, Shochet, Teacher, Hassid, Zionist, Sage of the
shetel of Narewa.

"He was an ordained rabbi. He was also the town shochet.

"He was a Hassid, and paid allegiance to his rebbi. He used to make a
pilgrimage to his rebbe at regular intervals for "enlightenment and
refreshment of soul."

"He was a teacher and a sage. He was the one consulted when problems arose
within the shetel. And he was the one whom visitors sought out when they
visited the town or when they needed help or advice.

"He was a dedicated zionist. That, itself, was unusual. Orthodox Hassidic
rabbis did not normally embrace the zionist concept in those days. He was
an early zionist and believed fervently in the return of the Jewish people
to Eretz Yisroel. R' Dovvid Meyer was one of the leaders of the movement in
his part of the world. His grandson saw visitors constantly arriving for
consultations with his grandfather.

"Shortly before the Nazi invasion of Poland, we received a letter >from Tante
Itke [the unmarried daughter who lived with the R" Dovvid during his last
years] telling us of the grandfather's death. He was 93. He left strict
orders that no descendents should be named after him, since he wanted no
assimilated descendents using his name."

Thanks again,
Chuna Leib Boss,

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