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Ira Leviton

I am looking for the descendants of Yetta Fein and Charles Kronen (he
came to the U.S. as Chaim Chechanowsky >from Rypin, Poland/Russia). They
were married and lived in Manhattan, and had two boys and possibly one
girl. Charles Kronen died at age 36 >from tuberculosis in 1938 in
Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. After his death, his side of the family
and Yetta didn't keep in touch, and since I'm >from his side, my trail
stops. I've found his death certificate and grave, but no information on
family. Checking for boys with the last name of Kronen in the N.Y.C.
birth indices >from the time they were married hasn't helped (yet). The
landsmanschaft plot in which he's buried doesn't have information.

Does anybody have any ideas (or better yet, the same names)?

Ira Leviton
New York, N.Y.

LEWITAN and LEVITAN (Myszyniec, Pol.) NIEDOBITEK (Rypin, Pol.)
BLANK (Rzemien and Ropczyce, Pol.) ATLAS (Vienna/Wien, Austria)
REPHAN (Niedzwiada, Mala, and Ropczyce, Pol.)
KORN (Gorlice and Ropczyce, Pol.) STRICK (Mielec and Ropczyce, Pol.)

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