FALK in Wronke (and COHEN in Berlin) #germany

Allan Falk <allan@...>

I am seeking any possible information about any relatives on my grandfather
Wolf (Wilhelm) FALK´s side. The little I know is the following:

His father: Jonas FALK, merchant in Wronke, born about 1825,
died 03.June.1884in Wronke
His Mother: Amalia FALK, born LOEWENTHAL, born 14.April.1844, dead 25.01.1927,
buried in Berlin (Weissensee)
Brother: Michael FALK, born 09.02.1880 in Wronke
Sister: Hedwig FALK, born 22.07.1876 in Wronke
Sister: Sara FALK, born 07.07.1877 in Wronke

Brother: Hermann Falk, tailor in Berlin, Koepenickerstrasse 36/38 at the
time of his mothers death
Nephew: Julius FALK, son of Hermann FALK, living with his father at
the time of his grandmothers death

I have found Hermann, his wife Liesa, Julius, his wife Josephine and their
2 children Siegfried and Ingeborg on Pages of Testimony in the Yad Vashem
database, but I am not sure, that these persons are my relatives, as the
birthplace and date of Hermann does not correspond with the documents I
received >from Wronke.

Similarly I would be glad to hear >from you if the following persons are
familiar to you:

Simon COHN, born about 1851, living in Berlin, witness to my grandparents
wedding 04.08.1900 in Berlin and most likely a brother of my father´s
mother´s mother Rosa Preis, born COHN, born 11.01.1849 in New York.

Georg COHN, born about 1856, likewise witness at my grandparent´s wedding
and possibly another brother of Rosa PREIS born COHN.

If any of these persons are familiar to you I would be happy
to hear >from you.

Allan Falk Kobenhavn Denmark <allan@falk.to>

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