LDS Stuttgart - help pls. #germany

nigel wilson <wilsonettess@...>

Dear genners.

I am working with a friend in Stuttgart on a family history of mutual

I found reference on the LDS site to a great-grandmother b. 1853 in Frankfurt
and death date too. Wanting to either purchase or view these records
we approached the LDS centre in Stuttgart. However the information given
on the site does not give a film number, only a Batch no.
How are we to obtain the records? - here is the response >from the LDS centre
(translated >from the German)

" Unfortunately we are not able to identify the film corresponding to the
batch number, since it has not been indicated. Maybe you can find more
information >from the records on marriage and death about the churches
involved in registration, so that then we could eventually release the
film order via internet through the church book film order"

Can anyone advise us where to go >from here? Thank you in anticipation.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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