Re: LDS Stuttgart - help needed #germany

Sally Bruckheimer

Nigel Wilson <> asked: "However the information given
on the site does not give a film number, only a Batch no. How are we to
obtain the records? - here is the response >from the LDS centre (translated
from the German)..."
As a former FHL volunteer, I know that the LDS volunteer should be able to
tell what the batch number means. Some refer to film numbers and some don't.
Also, some are >from fiilms which are not available for you to see.

Since you have a written response, presumably >from somebody who knows
what they are talking about, I imagine that you have an entry >from a
source other than an available film.

Of course these days, you can do all this on-line - where you can see the
Batch number and film number yourself - if there is a film number.

Sally Bruckheimer, Piscataway, NJ

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