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Alexander Sharon

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Dear Geners,
I need some help with turkish geography. Does anyone know of a town near
Istanbul called Polanez Koy (Polish Peoples Village)??

Abner Turk
Weston Fl

My wife Israeli uncle, who is now 93 and was born and raised in Istanbul,
told us about nearby Istanbul Polish village that was (and probably still
is) a tourist attraction since villagers have preserved their national

Village is known as Adampol or Polonezkoy. You may also come across the
alternative names of Adamkoy or Polonez karyesi.

Historically, villagers (or rather homesteaders) were not engaged in the
agriculture but in the hunting activities. This probably is associated with
the fact that village founders have been the Polish noblemen.

Istanbul (Constantinopole) has been one of the immigration centers
established by the Polish patriots that fled the country following November
1831 National Uprising against the Russian occupiers. Names of the Prince
Adam Czartoryski and the great national poet Adam Mickiewicz, who has died
in Constantinopole, are associated with this period and the Polish
settlements in Turkey.

Hope this help,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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