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Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

Dear William:
The first place I'd look is in the microfilmed birth, marriage, and
death records of Oberglogau (1847-1874) that you can view at a Family
History Center of the LDS Church. (The "Pinkus-Fraenkel Archive" you
cite in your notes probably used this source, given the specificity of
many of the entries >from around that time.) Note, though, that there
are many other records in that part of the world, that were *not* filmed
by the Mormons or by the Reichssippenamt in the late 1930's. The
archives in Opole have a good reputation, and the JHI in Warsaw may be
able to help you out too.

As for finding people in a published genealogy, keep in mind that the
name Fraenkel was very, very widespread. In Upper and Middle Silesia,
61 heads of household named Fraenkel took Prussian citizenship between
1812 and 1814. I have enough headaches with the 8 LUSTIG families.

However: about half of the FRAENKEL entries in the 1812 citizenship
register are >from Breslau. Only five are >from Zuelz, which might help.
In fact, there's an Abraham Isaac FRAENKEL of Zuelz on the list, No.
835. The Isaac FRAENKEL you have on your site could possibly be No.
867, who was living in Myslowitz (Kreis Pless) in 1812, but again, it's
hardly an uncommon name. One might check Zuelz records to see whether
siblings of Jacob (b.1809, Zuelz) were being born there, etc. in
1812-14; if so, one could rule this one out.

For your #73, Blume/Bertha WIENER, there are two WIENER family heads in
Zuelz (out of 19 overall): Aaron WIENER and Berel Kiefer WIENER.

By the way, I note that Isaac FRAENKEL is the grandson of Isaac
FRAENKEL, who lived for 47 years after his grandson's birth. Unusual
naming, but not impossible--one or the other might have had that as a
"street" name and been Issachar or Israel or any other name in the

...the land of the bean and the cod, where the FRAENKELs talk only to


Roger Lustig

WReitwiesn wrote:
I'm trying to find more about the family of Mathilde Fraenkel, daughter of
Jakob Fraenkel, >from Oberglogau in Prussia (now Glogowek, Poland).
Mathildemwas probably born around 1850. She married Benedict Kohn, a
master brewer, and they were living at Bennisch, Austria (now Horni
Benesov, in the Czech Republic) in 1873 when their son Fritz Kohn was
born there. Fritz later changed his name >from KOHN to KERRY, and
emigrated to the US through Ellis Island in 1905. See
< > for
further details.

These folks are no direct connection to me, but I can't find Jakob or
Mathilde in the large Fraenkel genealogy, "Genealogical Tables of Jewish
Families", published in 1999 by Saur, or among the many Fraenkels
mentioned in Neil Rosenstein's "The Unbroken Chain" [1990]. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

William Addams Reitwiesner

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