Re: Jewish BMD registers in Berlin 1812-1938 #germany

Andreas Schwab <andreas.schwab@...>

The Berlin State Archives (Landesarchiv Berlin) holds copies of Jewish
BMD records for the years 1812-1938 based on microfilms made by the
Gestapo during the war. Other holdings include grave lists for the
Schoenhauser Allee cemetery, lists of seats in the New Synagogue and
lists of orphans in the care of the Orphans Commission of the Jewish
Congregation. A database exists that contains part of the data.

A list of the records is found here (n German):
The contents are described here (also in German):

As far as I could find out, you will have to visit the archives in
person or send a representative even to consult the database. Please
note that personal records are protected until 10 years after the
death of the person concerned (90 years after birth if the death date
is not known) or 70 years after the event if the birth date is also
not known).

Andreas Schwab, Beaconsfield, Canada <>

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