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<< My grandfather's name in Austria was Schaje. His younger
brother's name was Schycha. I don't guarantee spelling accuracy,
nor do I know how to pronounce either. After my grandfather came
to America, he changed his name to Sam. A year later, his brother
came, and also declared himself to be named Sam. >from then on,
two brothers named Sam. :) >>

==There's an answer to this, I'm sure. Schaye's "real" name was
Yeshayahu (i.e. Isaiah). Schaye is a very common Yiddish rendering
of the biblical name
==Schycha is more problematic and I believe there may be a
mistransliteration. Shimche or Shimke would be Yiddish for Simchah;
Shimshe would be Yiddish for Shimshon (biblical Samson--there you
get the Sam); Shimshe might also stand for Shim`on (Simon); other
alternatives are Sishyeh (Siskind or Sismann).

I assume each initially used the original name in family, neighbor
and synagogue setting and the Sam name only in contact with civil
authorities, Gentiles, work. By the time the Sam name was used
closer to home it would probably be modified with Rivke's [wife's
name] Sam, or Norfolk Street Sam, or Cobbler Sam, and everyone know
who was being talked about.

Michael Bernet New York

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