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Hi Genners,
Regarding the possibility of same names in family I have three
instances to report.

1) On a manifest for a family related to me, I found two children,
eleven and fourteen, names of Moshe and Moses. It turns out that
one of them was a cousin who was travelling to America with his
aunt and uncle, so they were not brothers.
2) My husband is one of seven cousins in the family whose Hebrew
names are Asher Alter, named for the same grandfather.
3) Recently, a cousin named Issacher Dov died. Within two years
there were four new births to carry this name. I would even suspect
that some of these pregnancies were intentionl, just to find a way
to perpetuate the name, as there is an unusully large age
differential between these babies and the next oldest sibling.

Haviva Dolgin Langenauer
Palm Beach, Florida

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